Oct 07

Vacation Rentals


Most people like to do the vacation rentals during the summer. Why not? It can be very lucrative. But, did you know, that off-season is where you can make a bigger and better killing? There are those that know this already, yet, they make some very common mistakes.

Let’s take a look at some of these common mistakes with vacation rentals. In doing so, maybe I can save a few of you from making these very common mistakes too. Check out this great site to find cabin rentals in Big Bear, CA.


Cabin Rental picture1) Try to price accordingly. This is a common theme among first-time vacation rentals. There are tons of other homes and hotels, who are all competing for the business. During the summertime, you might be able to price your home high. During the winter time, people are more budget-conscious. Keep this in mind.

2) Try to get into promoting minimum stays. There are those who are just looking for a quick rest. There are some who just want a long weekend, nothing more.

Get into the habit of not putting the off-season stay period past 5 or 6 days. If you don’t, you will miss out on some heavy cash flow. Some people come into town unexpected. Do you really want to give that cash up? It’s better to have your home filled some of the time, rather then not at all.

3) Promote within your own home town or local areas. This is huge. It will mean more profit for both you and the local businesses. The local business establishments might even throw in a few freebies. They do this, if it means a chance of your renters coming back.

When you have someone coming in to stay, let your local movie theaters, restaurants and other places of business know. The local establishments live for this time. It’s a chance for them to make extra money, even if it’s just for a day or two. Not many are going to pass on this.

4) The off-season is the best time to look into your advertising. Many assume the peak times are the best times, but they really are not. During the off-season, you have a better chance of getting your name out there.

Use colorful descriptions. Make it seem exciting and fresh. The more descriptive you are, the more the customers will choose you. Be descriptive, but don’t over-stuff the verbiage. You want to sell your vacation home rental, not turn people away.

5) Know your audience. Aside from choosing the right wording, this is big. You want to drive the crowds to you, not turn them off. Know the type of people that come into town. Pay attention to the people who have stayed before.

If you accept dogs, this might make it easier for a pet lover to pick you. If you have a passion for secluded places, this might make a private person choose your rental. The more you know your audience, the easier it will be to design the sales pitch. You are a product and you have to sell yourself and your rental.

6) Offer special things to those who have stayed with you before. It’s always easier to be in contact with a previous customer, then it is with someone brand new. The previous customers know you, the brand new customers are a bit more skeptical.

Offer discounts like friend and family. Even if they don’t use them, they know someone who will.

7) Never limit yourself. Don’t just advertise that you offer the rental during a certain time. You need to be available all year round. The more you are available to someone, the more you knock out the competition.

8) Learn to go small. If you have a four-bedroom house, price it as a two or three-bedroom. This way, the customer is getting more for their money. They are more likely to come back to you in the future.


If you follow just a few of these tips, you’ll be fine. Remember, you have to promote your vacation rental. You are the product. Your customers need to choose you, above all others.

Oct 07

Sharepoint: Enhancing the Future of Business

What is Sharepoint?

It is a web application that provides a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from just about any device. It has the capabilities to be an access point for business colleagues, project partners, and customers. It is quickly becoming the new way to do business. For a bunch more info, check out www.sharepointinnovations.com.

What can I do with Sharepoint?

Sharepoint training visual depiction.• SHARE:

With the Sharepoint software businesses and partners can collaborate instantly without being in the same room, state, or country! The application allows for document syncing, which provides all parties with the access and the ability to see the most recent version of documentation for their projects. It also supports mobile access of all work and information so projects can be viewed and ideas can be shared as they occur, in real time.


The application has functionality which allows users to build a social site, allowing for further collaboration and sharing of ideas. Think of it as the newest way to have a team meeting. It sorts information that manages personal tasks and team tasks so that everyone on the team is in sync. Emails pertaining to work collaborations are supported using the Project account or an Outlook account. The incorporation of these familiar tools contributes to the application’s ease of use. In addition to the common email format, the site design offers a layout that makes it simple for each user to manage emails and documents in one place. Check out this great SharePoint training company.


When searching for information, Sharepoint uses results from within the company’s database so that the only information you find is information that is most relevant to your project needs. After a user has worked with it, the software begins to offer data based on each user’s past behavior and search requests. Essentially, it shows information that it perceives may be useful to each member of the team. Likewise, the application can provide information about experts who have worked on projects that are similar in nature. This connection can provide useful information from seasoned veterans working in the same field. Users can ask and respond to questions that may significantly improve the direction, scope, and impact of the project that they are working on.
The discovery aspect offers a final, surprising function which provides users with special access to interactive reports which can be shared. Those reports can be combined with data from multiple other sources to give users a complete visualization of their project.


Once a team has built their site, they can customize it in various ways. The Sharepoint software allows users to add apps to the site via the app store. There is also a function that allows customization of specific apps. The building of websites is supported and is enhanced by the specialization that each website can offer to customers. The website can provide an experience that is unique to each visitor. You may want to visit this cool Portland SharePoint training article.


The optimized performance of each website constructed using Sharepoint is of the highest importance. For this reason there are server upgrade options that allow for a methodical change that will not impact the user’s experience. The servers are also designed to use only minimal resources without sacrificing productivity or ease of use.

Simply put, Sharepoint is the future of business. Each of the functions that it currently supports is geared toward the enhanced building of teams and the perfecting of user experiences. It seeks to make sharing information easier and make collaboration seamless. The idea that experts from across the country or across the world can work together in real time without actually meeting face to face is innovative and progressive. And as the tools continue to improve there is no telling just how far Sharepoint will advance team collaboration and project management in the future.

Sep 30

Property Inspections a Valuable Investment Prior To Purchase

Finally after months of visiting countless Melbourne homes for sale, I am now able to select the right property to purchase. It is true that looking for and selecting the most appropriate and ideal available property for you is a complex and daunting task. It may take you longer before you can finally find the perfect property that satisfies your needs and wants for a house. Once you choose the right house for your family and you make an agreement with the real estate agent about the purchase price, the next step you should do is to get a quality property inspector who can extensively examine the whole property for unseen faults and issues. Before you close the deal for the house you want, it is an absolute must that you have a Melbourne pre purchase inspections to the house so you will know its current condition. There are times that hiring a general home inspector is adequate but if the inspector sees the need to make a more thorough inspection to a specific portion of the house, as in termites, you will need to seek professional help from a specialist home inspector. You will have to do this if the general inspector detected major defects in the property.
When you already find the house you really want, it is important that you get the best inspection service done because it will help you determine if you are getting the appropriate and most reasonable deal for the property, and if large unforeseen repairs are going to be needed in the future . Listed following are the critical areas that need to be covered:

1. Structure
You have to ensure that the inspector will thoroughly check the foundations and the concrete slab of your chosen house. The foundations are one of the most complicated areas to maintain and repair so it is a requirement that the inspector thoroughly inspects this.

2. Electrical
The electrical component of the property is working properly and has no faults. The fuses for the circuit breakers should have proper labels and have had recent certification. If the property has a Perth 5KW solar system installed then the panels and inverter should also be inspected and certified. The property’s electrical appliances and other electrical systems should also be in good condition.
3. Heating/Cooling
The heating and ventilation system should also be completely checked for their current operating condition. Ensure that the inspection checks the air conditioning system with photos or videos that is installed in the building so you will know if there are defects in the systems.

If possible it is a good idea to be present during the inspection and make sure that you ask questions to the property inspector. This is a good way for you to know if the inspector is performing his tasks well and responsibly. After you get the result, make an agreement with the seller regarding the expenses that have to be spent to shoulder for the repairs needed. If the vendor refuses then a significant price reduction should be negotiated.

Aug 05

How To Write SEO Optimized Articles

The Internet is all about content and creating the best content is the most effective way to be seen and shared on the web. Creating great content means people will stay on your page longer which increases the chances that they will click on the ads on your site or consider whatever product you are promoting. The longer they stay on your site, the more influence you have when they reach your call to action. Trying to rank for keywords like Kansas City SEO can be quite competitive.

If you are looking to rank in the search engines, you have to do more than just create good sales copy. You also have to place keywords throughout the article so that Google and the other search engines will be able to figure out what your page is about. The better the search engines are able to understand what your page is about, the easier it will be to rank for even the most competitive keywords. There are a few things that you must follow in order to create great articles that rank well and increase your profits.

SEO1The most important thing that you must understand when writing articles is keyword density. It is important to have a keyword density around  1%. This means the keyword should appear once every 100 words. You should also note that longtail keywords should be mentioned less than this rate. A longtail keyword with say, three words in it, should only be mentioned once every 300 words. Because the keyword has three words, it takes up three “spots” for every hundred words. This means you only need to mention it once every 300 words in order to remain at the 1% that we are targeting.

There are many other things that you will have to consider when creating search engine optimized content. You can also experiment with all the different factors by seeing how well each article length naturally without any back links. A Keyword like Kansas City SEO Company would require alot of backlinking. Also Kansas City SEO Expert is another keyword that could be quite hard to rank for.

Aug 05

Driving SEO Traffic Using Videos and Web 2.0 Properties

There are many alternatives to generating traffic to your website without actually ranking your money site. If you’re looking to maximize the amount of visitors that you tried to your site, you will not only have to rank drive your own site, but you also have to create and rank other types of websites and content forms. This article, we will talk about the different things that you can do just about to generate and drive even more traffic to your money site.

seoOne way that people can use search engine optimization to drive additional traffic to their website is to create videos. Videos are easy to make, depending the type that you are trying to create. In most cases, you can create a great looking video with a simple PowerPoint slide presentation. Simply make the slides and record your computer as you flip through them. You can take it one step further and narrate along with your presentation. There are other ways to make great-looking videos that will drive traffic to your main website. You can find services that offer video templates which allow you to easily create great-looking videos in a matter of minutes.

Another way that people drive traffic to their website is through web 2.0 properties. Web 2.0 properties include popular sites like tumbler, Squidoo and HubPages. All you have to do is create engaging content and leave links that are pointing to your site. People that land on your web 2.0 properties will then be funneled over to your main website. For alot more web 2.0 I contacted Dennis Watson SEO Expert,a Missouri SEO company.There are several SEOs that claim to be a Kansas City SEO Expert.

Creating videos and web 2.0 properties is a great way to drive traffic to your website without having to find additional keywords. Because of the authority that these properties will give you, it is often easier to rank the sites off first page for particular keywords then your normal webpages.

Aug 01

Hound Hike

Dog walking is a wonderful pastime, a profession for some, to get out and spend some time with your doggy friends. It proves to be a great incentive to exercise. Dog walkers are much more likely to meet recommended activity levels.

Professional dog walkers, as an individual or a business, are paid a set fee for walking a single dog or many dogs at once. For those of you who love running, Dog Runners are also needed and you are paid a fee for running with a dog for a set number of miles. Know the laws in your jurisdiction, some dog walking businesses need to be licensed and have animal first aid trained employees. Check out this great dog walker in Portland.

If you become a paid dog walker, there are some things you should think of before going out with the dog.

  • Prepare for any type of weather
  • Learn and understand the dogs you are walking
  • Understand how to poop-scoop
  • Get in shape

Dog Walking in PortlandIf dog walking is for you, you might think about making a career out of it. Some things to consider are the size of the dogs you wish to walk, the amount you want to charge, do you want to add additional services such as dog bathing, dog grooming, dog sitting or even medicating dogs while the owner is at work. Also it’s a good idea to know some basic animal first aid. Check out this Dog Walking company Twitter page.

There are different types of leashes available, you will want to do some research to see what works best for the size of dogs you will be walking.

While dog walking be sure to keep the dogs off the of the grass and out of flower beds. Not only is this respectful to the owner of the grass and flower beds but there are many toxins and insecticides that can be harmful to rover. If they decide to nibble on the flowers, it can cause stomach problems for our furry friends. To find a really reliable company, check out these dog walker reviews.

Dogs love to greet others by jumping to show their happiness to see them. It can be a good idea to offer your dog a treat to help teach them that greeting on all fours is the way to say hi!

If you are planning on taking your friend for a long walk, don’t forge to bring water, especially if it’s a warm day. Poop bags are very important, make sure you bring a few extra. Bringing some treats along is also a great idea, this can help keep your dog interested in walks and you can use them for some fun training along the way.

When walking in an area with mosquitoes, don’t spray your furry friend. Dogs can suffer neurological problems from DEET and should never have it sprayed on their skin or fur.

Make sure the dogs you are walking have tags the home and cell phone number of the owner. Micro-chips are even better. Also some cities are more strict than others about having the dog registered with the city in which you will be walking, check local laws.

Enjoy your dog walking experience, you and your furry friend will be rewarded!

Jun 13


The SodaStream Company is the developer of the home carbonated drink producer whose basic principle is the making of carbonated drinks tasting as original as Guy Gilbey intended back in 1903.
The SodaStream carbonates the water by adding carbon dioxide that comes from a pressurized cylinder to create soda water or carbonated water. The company also sells over a 100 flavors that is simply added to the carbonated water. Not bad as a home soda fountain.
In 1998, the company merged with Soda-club and was repackaged placing an emphasis on healthier drinks. In Nov 2010, the company went public trading on the Nasdaq.
SodaStream is headquartered in Lod, Israel, which is a bustling metropolis It has 13 production plants with its primary production facility located in the West Bank province of Ma’ale Adumim.
Sodastream sodamaking machinesThe SodaStream makes drinks by spraying the carbon dioxide (CO2) gas (that is contained in a pressurized cylinder) into water, making it fizzy. The SodaStream is made up of machine, the flavored syrup and the carbonated cylinder. Just fill the container with water, connect it to the machine and add the fizz then your choice of flavors. The flavored syrup comes in diet and regular flavors.
Different flavored concentrates are created by adding fruit-flavoured. In their heyday, many well-known brands were available in SodaStream concentrate such as Irn-Bru, Fanta, Sunkist and Tizer. The diet flavors are made with Splenda. SodaStream as expanded with Kraft in a partnership in 2012 that include the use of Country Time brand flavors and Crystal Light using the home SodaStream carbonated system. In the same year both companies again expanded their partnership that include the full line of Kool-Aid flavor.
SodaStream partnered with Ocean Spray in 2013 to market three Ocean Spray products for the use with the home soda machine. And yet again SodaStream and Samsung announced in February 2013their collaboration that included Samsung refrigerators would have built-in SodaStream sparkling water dispensers that would be available in the United States beginning in April.
In 2014, a litre of soda from the SodaStream would average about 75 cent US cost excluding the cost of the machine.
This can sometimes be more expensive than pre-mixed store bought colas, supposedly because of the high price of soda syrup bought in small quantities.

There are a bunch of websites on the internet with reviews of sodas making machines.  Just do a google search for sodastream reviews and you are bound to find some great info.
Prior to the SodaStream, was the “Apparatus for aerating liquids”, which was created by Guy Hugh Gilbey of the London gin distillers in 1903. His company was W & A Gilbey Ltd. which was sold to upper classes which even including the royal household. The in the 1920s, Flavoured concentrates such as sarsaparilla and cherry ciderette were introduced into the market as well as commercial carbonation machines. In 1955 the first machine for home carbonated drinks was produced. The SodaStream originally sold in the UK, and later it expanded into other countries including Germany, New Zealand, and Australia.
One of the reasons for the popularity of the device is the slogan; Get busy with the fizzy. This began as an advertising jingle in 1979 but proved so popular that it became part of their logo. In 1996 after 17 years the slogan was initially dropped but in 2010 it was reinstated as part of a new marketing campaign in the UK.